Imagine a Career in Accounting!

Accounting is a great career choiceThere are quite a number of people in the world that are making it big in the field of accounting. Accounting is a field that has continued to grow over years and has attracted the cream of the society. This has been mainly because there has been a growing need to have people that are well versed with accounting in almost each and every organization that wants to have credibility in its finances.

Careers in accounting range from as low as the entry level, to and to as high as the executive level. To secure a career in accounting and be successful in it, the requirements have been set such they that wish to be accounts need to have a minimum of a bachelor degree in accounting. There are also professional certifications that one needs if they intend to be Certified Public Accountants.

5 Main Jobs in Accounting

A certified public accountant can make a successful career in any of the following accounting fields;

1 Forensic Accounting.

This field expects accountants to uncover incidents of fraud. There may be cases in government departments or private business where employees may be involved in embezzlement of funds. It becomes important that a forensic accountant gives a report so that legal action may be taken against those that are involved.

2 Public Accounting.

Those who wish to make careers in public accounting are expected to protect the interests of large publicly owned companies and at times family owned business. Here they can opt to work for public accounting consulting companies where they offer advice on accounting complications and accounting software.

3 Auditing.

It is a legal requirement that all public companies have their annual reports audited by a certified public accountant. What they do is that they examine all the financial records as well as assess all the internal records with the aim of ensuring that the accounting principals that are used in presentation of financial statements are acceptable. Several accountants have become reputable auditors and made a fortune career out of it.

4 Tax and Financial Planning Experts

Efficient financial planning and tax systems need accounting experts. For an accountant, he/she will have to help companies effectively manage and plan its finances, investments, taxes and scenarios of mergers and acquisitions.

5 Education.

Accountants can make careers in education. They can teach accounting students in the university. They too can publish reading material and journals on accounting that can be used to help people that wish to learn accounting concepts.

There are quite a number of other careers in accounting such as;

  1. Accounting assistants
  2. Budget Analysts
  3. Accounting Clerk
  4. Chief Financial Officers.

Benefits of choosing a career in accounting

There are quite a number of benefits that someone that has made a career in accounting is likely to enjoy;

  1. They are not likely to lack jobs since they can work in wide range of fields in accounting such as auditing and many other areas.
  2. The income that comes from this type of job is most of the times sustainable for the accountant hence their lifestyles are likely to be well supported.
  3. There is prestige in being an accountant. Once certified they are likely to received accreditation to work in other specialties such as business valuation.
  4. Successful accountants are likely to attract numerous opportunities, promotions, professional recognition and also career advancements.

Accounting is one of the few prestigious careers out there. Various institutions are offering accounting courses to ensure that the industry get to have enough and qualified accountants that observe professionalism in their work. The accounting body too has a code of ethics that ensure that those that are certified accountant act in reputable manner and their careers are protected.